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Are you tolerating discomfort because you assume it is just a part of your life? What if there was a way to treat your health issues naturally?

  • Does your PMS or menstrual cycle add misery to your life every month?
  • Frustrated at how long it’s taking to get pregnant?
  • Do you experience overwhelming emotions and stress?
  • Do you feel guilty that you don’t take care of yourself like you know you should?
  • Are you living with symptoms (headaches, digestive issues, low energy, and many others) that keep you from enjoying life and assume there is nothing you can do to fix them?

“I was afraid to go back to Acupuncture after a bad experience with another place. Melissa with Five Roads Acupuncture was great! She took the time to make sure I was taken care of with my Acupuncture treatments for injuries I had. I was able to get quick results with a painless treatment program. I would highly recommend her practice to anyone that has had a bad experience, has never done acupuncture before or someone looking for a professional in and around Denver.”
L.L. Denver CO

“I am truly grateful for Melissa, She approaches acupuncture and my concerns in a very calm, knowledgeable manner. She explains what she is doing and why she is doing it. The treatment really opened my eyes to things that I need to tweak so that I can live the best life that I wish for. Gratitude to you Melissa.”
T.F. Arvada, CO

“If you like alternative medicine approaches to healing but haven’t tried acupuncture yet because the thought of needles is difficult to consider, Melissa is your gal. By far she has the gentlest touch I’ve ever experienced – a great way to have a first acupuncture session. And if you’ve had acupuncture before, you will be surprised at how relaxing and healing the experience can be with Melissa. When I finish a session with Melissa I feel the same way I feel after a great massage, only I find the experience surprisingly less invasive than a massage. Melissa is the real deal, a true healing talent – I like to call her Earth Momma because of the overwhelming nurturing energy that she carries while also being very down to Earth.”
D.M. Denver, CO

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