Stress is destroying your looks!

Stress isn’t just ruining your sleep. And your relationships.  And your moods. It’s also destroying your skin.

Our bodies contain ancient programming that injects our system with hormones that at one point in humanity’s long history helped us make quick decisions under pressure. Sometimes this pressure was life threatening; you would either be running after something to eat or running from something trying to eat you. These stress hormones helped make humans successful.

Today, however, your body makes this cocktail of hormones in response to your being stuck in traffic, your approaching deadline, or your unjust parking ticket. The body simply knows no difference between that and running from an ancient predator. Thus, many of us exist in a state of panic nearly all the time with life becoming more complicated and demanding all the time.

What does this mean for your skin?

  • Less collagen (the protein that makes your skin springy, tight, and smooth)
  • Losing collagen means more wrinkles and lines
  • Faster ageing
  • Less blood flow to the skin which means no rosy glow
  • More redness and outbreaks
  • More oiliness or more dryness, depending on what you’re prone to

Now that you know it’s a problem, what should we do?

  • Continue to eat as well as possible. If you find it hard, here’s my article about a kinder, easier way to change habits (less willpower required). Nutrition is and always will be the best tool you have every day to make your body optimal.
  • Support your liver because it helps to process old hormones. By the way, I have some opinions about the “liver cleansing” that has become a buzzword lately. Read more here.
  • Do everything you can to sleep eight-ish hours per night. Your exact needs will differ. Getting less sleep than you need is a sure way to flood your body with harmful stress hormones. Read here about my guide to your best sleep ever.
  • Wear sunscreen! When skin cells are exposed to UV light it triggers a flood of cortisol.

Last but not least, get cosmetic acupuncture! Are you ready to look your best with no side effects or unnatural looking results at less cost than other popular treatments? Book here!

Here’s a nerdy article with lots of big science words I used to help write this blog. If this sort of thing makes you excited you can read it here.

P.S. If you like big nerdy articles then I like you

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