Services Offered


I could sit here and explain the esoteric art of directing life force through channels in the body (called meridians) in an attempt to convince you that acupuncture works, but I won’t. Most of you would have your eyes roll back in your heads from boredom. Let’s start with this assumption; acupuncture works and it works beautifully. I have been practicing with needles for the better part of a decade and it never ceases to amaze me how much the body is capable of healing itself when brought into proper balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Here is a list of some conditions where I have helped people have fewer symptoms less often. Click here.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

I love doing these sessions. It’s so satisfying to see someone look in the mirror after a treatment and their face lights up in disbelief. My face is usually in disbelief too. I can’t believe how much improvement can be had with even one session. Learn more by clicking here.


I used to have to explain cupping to my patients.

“It’s this process where I use fire to drain the oxygen from a glass cup, I put it down on your skin and the vacuum creates suction on your muscles and connective tissue. It feels awesome and the benefits are similar to a deep tissue massage. You’ll have painless marks on your back that make you look like you wrestled with a squid”.

Now I just have to say “It’s that thing Michael Phleps does. It’s really beneficial for the muscles and tendons and it feels great. I don’t make the circles so purple, though. His person seems pretty intense”.

Click here to learn more about how cupping is an affordable and effective tool for pain management.

Acupressure for ChildrenĀ 

My mentor is the reason I’m the practitioner I am. I am so honored to participate with her and other beautiful colleagues in a non profit pediatric clinic. We treat children in the nature based model of acupuncture that she taught me with issues that are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. All treatments are donation based and no one is turned away for lack of ability to pay. Learn more by visiting here (external link).

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbs are my greatest love in Chinese Medicine. What sets them apart from the traditional methods of recommending herbs (here, try this, I heard it’s good for headaches) is the ability to prescribe something that is appropriate specifically to you. In this case, the exact type of headache that you have (is it on top of your head? Triggered by your period? Feels like concrete poured into your skull? Each of those is a different type of headache in our world). Not only that, but herbs are not prescribed alone but in formulas where different herbs balance actions of others to minimize side effects.