Four Ways Cosmetic Acupuncture is Better than Facials

Facials are amazing and I think it is important to get them to help keep skin clear and beautiful. However, there are a few important areas where cosmetic acupuncture can be more effective.

Facials clear your skin of pore congestion and make the complexion look great but they can’t do much about lines and wrinkles.

Facials work great to extract the filth from your clogged pores and give the skin an overall better appearance. I suggest continuing to receive them regularly.

What makes facial acupuncture different is the needles’ ability to stimulate the growth of new collagen in the lines and wrinkles of the face. The effect can be seen soon after the first treatment and only gets better with each return. In addition, the overlook smoothness, texture, and appearance of the skin improve as well. Skin feels tighter and lifted overall.

Facials work mostly on the surface of the skin. I use acupuncture and herbs to make you healthy and glowing from the inside out

This in no way means that what you put on your skin makes no impact. In fact, a knowledgeable esthetician is a great resource for a high quality skincare system that you can use daily at home.

The benefit of cosmetic acupuncture is that in addition to treating the face, I still give each client a personalized treatment for their entire system, balancing them inside and out. One of my favorite things about Chinese Medicine that surprises my clients is how they experience improvement in not only the complaint that brought them in, but how much their overall health improves as well. Some examples of symptoms that often improve include sleep, moods, headaches, digestive complaints, and hormonal imbalances.

In addition, I can use my extensive knowledge of Chinese herbs to select a formula that is based on your unique health situation that will nourish your system from the inside out. Better health means more beautiful skin (and hair, and nails).

Facials should be a regular habit while a series of cosmetic acupuncture sessions can last for some time

How long? I can’t say for sure. It depends on your genetics and how they interplay with your skin, your diet, your lifestyle, and your stress. You can count on your sessions leaving a lasting impact on your skin for months, possibly a year.

This is possible because the change comes from both the outside in with the facial acupuncture and the inside out with the whole system balance you get from both acupuncture and herbs.

Cosmetic acupuncture is very gentle

Unlike some salon treatments that resurface the skin with chemicals or needling, cosmetic acupuncture is gentle. There is no after periods of red rawness that make you embarrassed to go out in public. It is safe, gentle, and effective.

Want to try it for yourself?

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