About Five Roads Acupuncture

I’m Melissa Durgin, licensed acupuncturist and women’s health expert and I use natural methods to help women like you:

  • Harmonize your hormones for a hassle free cycle, naturally!
  • Take the guesswork out of conception by learning your body’s reliable signals
  • Enhance your fertility whether you get western medical help or not
  • Ease discomforts during your pregnancy
  • Know what foods and supplements are best for your unique body
  • Manage chronic conditions
  • Experience deep stress relief and fewer negative emotions
  • Improve sleep and digestion
  • Bounce back from illness or pregnancy

I could be the right practitioner for you if:

  • You are committed to taking ownership of your own health
  • You feel like PMS or your cycle robs you of days of your life
  • You have experienced issues becoming pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy
  • You know you could be healthier but you’re not sure you have the time or knowledge to nourish yourself
  • You feel overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, or depression
  • You have symptoms of hormonal imbalance, like constant fatigue, sluggish metabolism, digestive discomfort, or poor sleep

People love to ask me how I got into acupuncture because, I suppose, it’s not your average answer to the tired “So, what do you do?” small talk.
I graduated with an Anthropology degree in 2003, which was just as rich with job prospects as it sounds. Feeling like I wasn’t cut out for academia and craving some time to figure out what I really wanted, I fell into health food retail to tide me over. Eight years later, having worked my way into management and the production side of health food, I realized that I loved the healing aspect of my job but I felt like I was called to do more. Concurrently, I experienced some great results with my own health working with an acupuncturist and, less than a year later, I was enrolled at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Denver.

I decided to focus my practice on women’s health because I saw a field of medicine (gynecology) where the answers to long term conditions is usually limited to birth control or some other artificial hormone or surgery. I find it rewarding to offer an alternative to such thinking and have had success treating many women with their painful or irregular cycles, fertility issues, and other hormonal imbalances.

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